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Core Dump

At Our Core (master) $

# Our clients should benefit from a lean business.

Our people are spread across various locations in Australia and choose where they operate from, ably assisted by Slack and our bot helpers.


We do not operate an office and leverage the cloud for what it's meant for - elastic computing.

# We value technical expertise over words.

Our penetration testers are CREST certified and individually have 10 - 15 years experience testing everything from web applications to building control systems and everything in between.

Our Splunk and Exabeam resources have been working on these platforms since 2014.

# Any action performed more than once is automated.

We live and breathe automation. We automate and integrate systems for our clients.


We are not the architect with the dilapidated kitchen. Our AWS VPCs are built and deployed with Terraform and Git. Commit once, deploy everything.

Software defined everything.

# Automation -> Scale.​

Cyber security resources are scarce and there is a fixed amount sets on human hands can get done.

Whether you are increasing output with the same set of people or stripping costs, it is not possible to scale without technology. We provide the automation to allow you to scale.


We are experts at ....

# Penetration Testing

Octagonal Consulting's people have worked as external consultants, bug bounty hunters and within two of Australia's largest banks.

They have identified a number of bugs in software vendors as diverse as Cisco and Symantec, in an equally diverse set of industries.

Examples include:

# Mobile apps, including Internet banking, trading and widely deployed state government apps.


# Freeway systems.


# Web applications built in C#/.NET, PHP and Java.

# Building control systems.


# Operational technology environments.


# Compiled thick client applications (e.g. trading systems).

# Security Log Platform Management

In reality a well-resourced, motivated adversary will gain access to a target if they choose to. The ability to detect any intrusion is key in limiting loss.


In line with our commitment to quality services, we have aligned ourselves with the best logging platforms available in Splunk and Exabeam.

We offer the following services:

# Architecture and design of log collection.

# Implementation of technologies such as Windows Event Collection/Forwarding and syslog.


# Custom log integration where native support from a vendor does not exist.


# SOAR integration with systems such as Service Now, Jira, Azure Active Directory and any other SaaS application.


# Development of custom Splunk and Exabeam SOAR actions, typically Python-based.

# Outsourced monitoring and management of these platforms.

# Business Process Automation

While 80% of our revenue is derived from Cyber Security, including automation of traditional security operations tasks, a growing proportion of our revenue is originating outside of Cyber.

Inspired by the level of automation being achieved in the 2010s within large enterprises, Octagonal Consulting is assisting SMEs with increasing efficiencies via automation of business processes. 

What is automation of business processes?

# Traditional

Purchase order is received as a PDF in email.

Name and address is copied and pasted into a spreadsheet.

Humans update the data, probably copying the same set of data into multiple places like folders, additional spreadsheets, emails and Word documents.

A human copies and pastes the same data but this time into a billing system.

# Automated

Purchase order is received as a PDF in email.

PDF is 'read' by software and inserted into a platform such as Jira to model the workflow.

Software/workloads running in Amazon AWS manipulate and store data based on an algorithm.

The output of this process is generated by software and could be a Word document, PDF or email.

Software automatically creates an invoice in a system such as Xero.

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